Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, 2011

A legal performance (How to do thing with words), video installation (5:07 min),performance, 2011.



Collaboration with artist Bita Razavi. The video shows the marriage performance between two artists.

The room was a replica of the official marriage room of the Finnish magistrate build in to the

exhibition space. The video was projected in to the same place than where the performance happened.

The marriage certificate and Bita Razavi’s residency permit application for Finland were exhibited

framed in the wall. Bita Razavi has got the residency permit as a result of this performance. In this work

we both performed a part as if the performance would have been a play, but the words “I do” very

concretely changed our legal statuses, referring to J.L Austin’s theory of the performative utterance.



some installation pictures below:



marriage certificate: