Gallery Huuto, Jätkäsaari 2, November – December 2013

Never cross a picket line, exhibition, sound installation, video (28:19), 2013.



Collaboration with artist Aino-Marjatta Mäki. The core of the show consists of a five

channel sound installation. We interviewed trade union leaders and temporary work

agency employees about changes in contemporary work, and edited from the material

an immersive dispute in the form of a tragedy. At the center of the of the tragedy is the

precarious worker, who in the end identifies herself with the traumatic figure of the



Never cross a picket line is an old saying which means that you should never work

during a strike. The Finnish word for a picket line is lakkovartio (”strike guard”),

which does not include a spatial restriction unlike the English term. A picket line

is a physical boundary and once crossed you cannot return. 



in here you can find pdf version of the project

here is the invite webpage to the exhibition: http://ahlqvist.co/never-cross-a-picket-line/ 

which is also part of the work and contains the other video shown in the gallery


here is a description of the seminar that we organised related to the exhibition

the recording of seminar can be found in here: http://ahlqvist.co/clamor-of-struggle/


some installation pictures below: