Helsinki Art Museum Gallery Kluuvi, October 2012

Lao Baixing: Save Our Souls (A melodrama)

exhibition, video installation (5:07 min), performance, 2012.



In a residency in Shanghai I made two performative actions: 1. I build a kite with Chinese

police lights and flew it in the sky on top of the city, 2. I collected 52 discarded playing cards

from the streets of the city. Both of these actions I transformed into video installations in an

exhibition that was made by a fictional author Lao Baixing (a heteronym of mine, meaning

“poor people”). The exhibition dealt with the impossibility of the Chinese rabble class to

have any power to alter their fate, and the impossibility of me as an artist to identify or speak

on behalf of that class of people, which was a fiction produced by me as an outsider. In the

works these fictional people represented the power they don’t have.


Please visit http://ahlqvist.co/laobaixing/ for the invite and the exhibition leaflet.


some installation pictures below:





installation view from the other room of the gallery: